The Early Nerd Catches the Soundbite

Old School CBC

This morning I had the honour of Skytraining down to the CBC offices prior to the crack of dawn to chat with Stephen Quinn about the dramatic (and awesome) uptick in visitation numbers to Vancouver.

Let’s face it, tourism is crushing it lately and you can read about it here, and here, and here, and here, and most recently with headlines celebrating the record-setting year for Tourism in Vancouver at over 10 million visits.

Our illustrious tourism marketing management department head had another engagement, so he passed the torch to me. I’m not a morning person but I hope I did the sector proud on air – despite the challenge of distilling a very complex “overnight success story” into a couple of minutes.

I’ll admit I was geeking out at the chance to sit across from Stephen and speak on a show we listen to every morning at home. I mentioned I was excited.  He cautioned me not to be “too excited”. How did I do? Was I, in Stephen’s words, the “right level of excited”?

Judge for yourself! Visit the Early Edition webpage here: 

2 thoughts on “The Early Nerd Catches the Soundbite

  1. Good morning Morgan! I just listened and you did a great job. The tourism industry is a complex one and I think you did that justice by reminding listeners of the size of our industry, the number of small businesses, and the many, many factors affecting growth. I was happy to hear reference to the BC Tourism Industry Conference, of course, and how we covered policy issues, marketing tactics and networking. Thank you for the shout out to TIABC!!! #BCTourismMatters


  2. Thanks for your comment Laura. It was a challenge to speak so broadly about growth when we know how many organizations (including TIABC) it takes to generate that success. I wish I had time to shout out more of the rock stars in our industry. At the end of the day, it’s good to see attention to the fact that #BCTourismMatters!


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