It’s Tourism Week! #BCTourismMatters

I took this silly photo for Instagram to do my part. This is what my life in tourism looks like today!

As I wrap up another year of teaching the next generation of business and tourism leaders, it’s fitting that it’s Tourism Week across Canada.

Let’s face it: we’re so immersed in our industry that we don’t take the time to tell our stories. Tourism Week is a grassroots, Canada-wide, weeklong celebration that’s trying to change all that.

Here are some ways Destination BC suggests we can shout success from the rooftops, so to speak:

  • Post photos (with permission) of people and places related to tourism in your community
  • Use the hashtag ‪#‎BCTourismMatters
  • Follow Destination BC on Twitter and LinkedIn and share their #BCTourismMatters content on your channels
  • Follow local attractions, communities, and other tourism champions and do the same

Destination BC also has some great infographics – good resources for sharing, and educating, our communities and their advocates about the power of tourism in our communities.

You can check them out here:

This is our time to shine, tourism nerds! Let’s share the news that #BCTourismMatters!

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