​ go2HR Winning Pitch and The Student Industry Rendezvous 

Here’s a post from my tourism students about their experience at Winning Pitch. Makes my heart happy!

BCIT Tourism Management

The month of January was filled with research, exciting ideas, discussion, and preparation for the 2018 Regional go2HR Winning Pitch! The BCIT Tourism Management program put forward two amazing teams to pitch their idea of a new service that will increase off-season visitation to the Vancouver Coast and Mountains Region.

The day had finally arrived where the two BCIT teams competed in the Go2Hr Winning Pitch competition on January 30th. With the given prompt, both groups put in a tremendous amount of effort into their pitches. Lots of hard work, sleepless nights, and dedication was put toward in making our presentations meet the challenges given and it can be proudly said that it all was worth it in the end.


BCIT Team 1 consisted of Kelsey, Daniella, Melissa, and Mandy, also known as Lakes and Land Cultural Adventures, and BCIT Team 2 consisted of Arthur, Anna, Victor, and…

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