Back-to-School (already overcommitted)

So in case your Facebook feed didn’t pile up with pictures of little back-to-schoolers on Tuesday, I’m here to remind you it’s that time of year again!

It’s the time of year I:

  1. Completely panic
  2. Realize that I am the teacher
  3. Promise not to take on too much
  4. Take on way too much

Here’s a list of commitments that I entered into over the summer, and am now realizing might be impossible to meet:

  • Elected member of the BCIT Education Council (EdCo)
  • Member of the programming committee
  • New volunteer at Kudoz
  • Volunteer member for the BC Hospitality Foundation scholarship committee
  • Member of a cool new committee to do with the Tourism Industry Conference (TIC is my jam, as you know)
  • Member of the selection committee for a new Associate Dean for our department
  • And assistant coach of the marketing team for JDC West

Of these, I have decided to drop the last item (coaching) because mercifully another (more qualified) volunteer stepped forward out of the woodwork. That’s great, because as an instructor I’m now having to go from public speaking hibernation to ‘on’ several hours a day. And plan. And prep. And parent. Also apparently I have a social life?

Don’t let the calm-and-poised instagram post fool you, folks, I’m low-key freaking out over here. Next post I hope to address some (relatively healthy) ways I’m trying to cope with the stress.

What are your ways of dealing with back-to-school stress? Hit me up in the comments.



Top Ten Emergency Risks for BC and How to Cope

PreparedBCIf you haven’t seen a copy of the new PreparedBC resources, get your hands on them. Tailored towards tourism operators, the guides are a practical way that tourism industry players can take emergency preparedness in their own hands.

Download a copy of the PreparedBC: Emergency Plan for Tourism Operators (PDF) here.

Download a copy of the PreparedBC: Guide for Tourism Operators (PDF) here.

According to these resources, the top ten risks in BC are:

  1. Earthquakes
  2. Tsunamis
  3. Floods
  4. Wildfire
  5. Landslides
  6. Avalanches
  7. Severe Weather
  8. Power Outages
  9. Hazardous Material Spills
  10. Disease Outbreaks

Learn more about navigating these challenges by visiting for a map of risks by district. The site is also a good resource for creating plans for your home, school, or community.